Tuesday, October 02, 2007

2nd October

Selling at my campus bookshop: Gandhi finger puppet, whiter than Ben Kingsley- $5.00 only.

In the company of Che Guevera, Leon Trotsky and Nelson Mandela (out of frame-v desilike brown hand visible).

I am not complaining-they got the big ears right.


musical said...

Wow, whats with the skin color obsession, sbkt :).

sbkt said...

:D. I should have said 'whiter' (changed that).
What I was trying to say was that the puppet didn't look desi at all.

musical said...

I maintain my stance :). The puppet not looking desi and the puppet not being a particular skin color are two different things :-D. And why Ben Kingsley, why not compare with Gandhi's pictures?

sbkt said...

Well, since you insist! :)
I said Ben Kingsley, cos he is fairer than Gandhi, so saying the puppet is fairer than him says both.