Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Should I be offended?

When something like this happens, I know its time for a shave.

Random (Asian) dude at bus stop: Is Pakistan sunny?
Me: No more sunny than Texas, probably.
R(A)DABS: What was that?
Me: I am not from Pakistan. I am Indian.
R(A)DABS: Oh! I am sorry. (pause) Wow! I am glad I didn't mistake a Pakistani for an Indian. That could have been complicated. Indians are peaceful people.
Me: Why do you care if Pakistan is sunny?
R(A)DABS: Uh, I thought if its sunny, it should go help the sunny people in Iraq.
Me: Umm, I guess.

I realized later he meant Sunni.


anangbhai said...

Well, at least he didn't ask if you were from Hindu. Then I would have been totally offended.

musical said...

sbkt, i am totally amused :-D. This one is really classic!

"Should i be offended"?

Ahem, tough one there :-D. what is the potential offense? i had my thoughts :-D. is it offensive because he says sunny instead of sunni? or that it took you a few minutes to realize what he meant ;).

PS: the guy is silly!

Amit said...

For once, I'm glad that at least people are aware of the terms Shia & Sunni. But yeah, that was quite amusing. :)

sbkt said...

"Ahem, tough one there :-D. what is the potential offense?"

Oh c'mon, musical. The model minority stereotype! Compared to our bellicose border brothers, we Indians are nonthreatening and emasculated. You need to spend more time on sepia mutiny ;).

Jayasankar Peethambaran said...

:-) made my day.
Boy, can i identify with this.