Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Webware makes its list of 5 funniest tech comics. xkcd is on top, and it is by far the best. It was a weird mix not so long ago: Randall seemed to be trying too hard at times. Its grown more sophisticated since. The only thing I find odd is its focus on computer science jokes: are there enough CS people out there to constitute, like, a market?

The desi name on the list, Krishna Sadasivam's PC Weenies (#3), is worth a look. Some good ones here and here.

Speaking of desis, a brief bushily bewhiskered brown sighting was reported from phdcomics recently. Pradeep, physics major, spoke seven words in all, none of them funny.


musical said...

xkcd is cool and thanks for the PC weenies pointer, they are funny! The PhD comics desi sighting didn't look particulary exciting!

Oh, i never mentioned this, but the Indian Idol cutie Meiyang Chang blogs (he has three or more blogs) and one of them is dedicated to his cartooning skills :). Check them out!

The Ameygin Outburst

Krishna said...

hey, thanks for the PC Weenies plug! If you enjoy that, I also draw another (more autobiographical comic) called Uncubed.

sbkt said...

Thanks, Krishna!