Saturday, December 02, 2006

First day at school

First day at school
the large boy
hurled my ball
with amazing skill
high over the roof

soaring out of sight
out of my prosaic life

I gave him
my admiration

As others have done
when their respect
honour hope and lives
have been hurled
triumphantly out of sight

- Michael Ivens(1914-2001)

First day at school, I was accosted by two kids on my way back home, who made fun of me and the stupid little briefcase-like steel box I used to carry to school(I never understood why I used to carry that back then, and not a school bag like everyone else). The box had its purposes: I gave their heads a solid smack each with the box and executed a quick exit while they lay flat on the ground bawling their throats out.

That is the first memory I have of being uncommonly pleased with myself.

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